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Witwi: where in the world is?

Research and Concept Development

This research project was developed for Microsoft Design Research in the beginning of 2004, at a time still prior to Facebook. The theme was "People to people", and my group decided to work with human relations and the loss of it through time. We had all had personal experiences of moving when we were a kid, and losing the address of our friends, and that was a big driver for us. We also wanted to prioritize the relations of people that are always close to us. We developed a bracelet that would keep track of our contacts and would "rate" them by time spent together. After a certain amount of time spent together, the bracelet would register a contact, and as more time was spent together, our contact would have more access to a personal profile we held online. First level friends (acquaintances) would only have access to basic first level information. At the time we got very mixed comments on the project from our professors, some thought it would be great to have such a thing, and some thought they would never want it. A professor said "who wants to be in touch with all those people from the past"?

The concept included a wrist artifact that would gather data about people you were spending time with.

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