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Explore Poverty

Online exhibition about Poverty

This project was an academic project at KISD, realized in cooperation with Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, DASA Dortmund, Helsinki City Museum,Minnesotta Historical Society. It's an online exhibition about Poverty, with content curated by these 4 museums, that brings a perspective on the history and relativization of poverty, in special in rich countries. The project was launched in parallel to a spatial exhibition in Luxembourg.

This project comprehends the website (with exhibition content, a data sculpture, partner projects), as well as a social media strategy.

Live project

Twitter Visualization

We produced a data visualization with the associations with the word Poverty on Twitter. It was divided by themes, such as food, health, clothing, etc.

Live Twitter visualization
icon design for Twitter Visualization

Work structure

We had a group of 11 students working on this project during 2 months. One of the priorities in setting up the work flow was to allow all students to go through different aspects of the website, so a collaborative work environment was stimulated, where students would often change groups. 

A great amount of time was dedicated to figuring out how to get users to participate in the website, how social media could be used, where and what kind of open content could be found. There was a lot of focus on structures, on the architecture of the website. The students learned how to structure content, developed organizational skills, and learned about the process.

PROJECT INFO // Supervisors Prof. Philipp Heidkamp, Prof. Björn Bartholdy Project manager Andreas Echterhoff Team phase Samara Tanaka, Jure Martinec, Varut Rintanalert Students several KISD bachelor students

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