Graphic Design

Visual identities: collection

This is a collection of visual identity projects I've worked in the past years:


Saamal was a Nepali social enterprise aimed at serving good quality food for Nepali workers. I got to work with the social entrepreneurs to create their visual identity.

Gambiarra Lab

This was a project for mapping Gambiarras – it's a brazilian word for the inventions, workarounds that people create to solve problems in their everyday lives.

Casa Livre do Altinho

Casa Livre do Altinho was a house where many encounters happened. In a way, it was a canvas, where people (specially kids) were free to propose and create activities that they were interested in. The house meant different things for each person. In this visual identity, I wanted to bring this idea of a space that changes according to the one who's looking at it – a canvas for one to draw that which they wanted to happen there.

Dialogue of the Curious

This was a collective project, focused on promoting intercultural and inter-religious dialogues among young people. We were a group of social entrepreneurs from all over the world, who met during the UNAOC-EF Summer school and got together afterwards to run this and other initiatives. I was responsible for co-creating the visual identity.

This was the landing page of the project:


This visual identity was done for a retrofuturist party.

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