Creating an educational playground

In 2022, we joined two families to begin a long term educational project for our kids – we call it Quintal Beija-Flora. "Quintal" in Portuguese means backyard, whereas "Beija-Flora" is a neologism for Humming Bird in the female gender (humming bird is a masculine word in Portuguese). We also welcome kids from the rural community where we live in, and it has become an open space for learning, for kids all ages.

Our Visual Identity, portraying living beings from the Atlantic Rainforest, where we're located

With a strong regenerative mindset, we are constantly thinking about the materials used, the pedagogical methods, the connection to diverse social realities, and the immersion in nature, to create aesthetic experiences that will strengthen the kids' connection to the natural world. Free play, arts and environmental education are highly valued.

We designed the spaces, furniture and surroundings to be the most attractive for the kids and functional for the educators. It started out as a playground for toddlers, and is in constant change and development.

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