Open Design P2P

Co-creating solutions within communities

#OpenDesignP2P is part of Mecca Rede (Mecca Network), a network that aims to share and co-create Open Social Technologies with people so they can create their own change within their communities. We do this by being empathetic and being close to the people we want to exchange knowledge with. Some of these social technologies include zero waste, crowdfunding, free software, open internet, commons culture, free libraries movement, community-led farming, open design, anything that is created by the dwellers of the community, among others. The whole point is for people to take ownership of the solution and take it forward themselves.

Through these interactions, several initiatives have been created, such as: collaborative spaces, co-living houses, community gardens, projects to share idle books/clothes, etc.

How does it work?

There has been extensive experimentation on different ways to cocreate within communities. It's an ongoing process.

Banda Larga Comunitária: workshop about how to build your own community internet provider, with Marcelo Saldanha

Some Iniciatives

Ideas for a Cordel (type of poetry from northeastern Brazil) library, distributed around the community.
Meninas e Meninos: network for elderly initiatives
Community garden at Complexo do Lins
‍Community garden at Complexo do Lins
Mini-bibliotecas Livres: book sharing in spaces where small business owners take ownership and animate the book sharing and reading
Casa Café Livreoteca, at Complexo do Alemão. Initialized by Letícia Santos
Collaborative space at the Community Association, at Cachoeira Grande, Complexo do Lins, Rio de Janeiro.
Community newspaper "A voz do Lins de Vasconcelos"
Casa Cachoeira: coliving and convivial space in Complexo do Lins

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