Gamification for Change Management

Consulting project: Gamification for Change Management

A multinational company was implementing a new SAP ERP software, that would change the company's entire production processes, relationships, structure. This has a major impact in the work that is done and in the relationships among people, since several rearrangements need to be done in the company. In a scenario where employees were reluctant in learning to adapt to this new software, we had create ways to engage employees to understand the importance of this change and to be more receptive to it, otherwise this could cause the company to lose revenue for months.

With only a few weeks away from the go-live of the new system, we had to cover several problems that could arise. After dozens of interviews and observations, we came up with a system of solutions, that were invoked at distinct times, with different purposes, to reach several audiences. The implemented system had three main areas: engagement, communication and integration.


For the engagement, we developed a game that taught the employees in a playful way what were the elements they needed to learn, what was expected of them, and allowed them to exercise some important behaviors. It had over 700 players and was a very relevant solution.

Communication and integration

A communication strategy was created and a massive load of information became intelligible through our communication material. Integration was done through creating spaces and channels for interaction among employees and management.

Sample of the communication pieces created.


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