Data Visualization

Data Visualization: collection

Maps for International Paper

Maps designed for a paper production plant

Infographic about Virus-like particles

During my Nanotechnology studies, I crafted this infographic to show the inspirations on viruses for building a synthesized nano VLP (virus-like particle), used as a vehicle for targeting drugs on cancer cells for example.

Infographic about Afghan situation for Swedish-Afghan NGO Studentksjonen

Twitter visualization

Data visualization produced with the associations with the word Poverty on Twitter. It was divided by themes, such as food, health, clothing, etc. Created for the exhibition Poverty, a joint production of 4 museus: Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, DASA Dortmund, Helsinki City Museum,Minnesotta Historical Society. To know more about this project, click here.

New Political Interfaces

New Political Interfaces is a look into activity in politics on the Internet (Twitter), with political activity as the content generated by the parties as well as by the users themselves, and expose any correlations between them. Project created collaboratively during Visualizar '09 , at Media Lab Prado.

Mapping a university's Nanotechnology ecosystem

Gathering data, visualizing and understanding connections among researchers in the Nano field. To visit the live map, click here.

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